3 Easy Steps to Update Blog Archives for Pinterest

3 steps to update old blog posts for Pinterest
If you’ve been blogging for longer than a year, then you have blog posts that aren’t optimized for Pinterest. (I have 4 years worth on Imagination Soup. Ugh.)

It’s well worth going back to your popular posts (or posts that have potential) and optimizing them for Pinterest.

So very worth it.

Even though it’s work.

Here’s why. This week, I updated an old post and went from a lack-luster under-100 repins to over 1,000 in two days. Just because I updated the post for Pinterest. (And made an eye-catching pin!!)

Here’s what you need to do for each post to make it Pinterest ready.

Steps to Update Your Old Blog Posts for Pinterest

1. Revise the post for readability.

I’m a better blogger every year. If the post is several years old, I always rewrite, reword, reorder to make it better.

2. Update the image for Pinterest. Make sure it’s well-lit, beautiful, and vertical.

Change the images if you need. Or at the very least, add a vertical, pinnable image.

My original post had this (horrific) image:
archived image
(horizontal and ugly)

My updated post has this beautified image:
improved image on archived post
(vertical, eye-catching, beautiful)

3. Title all images correctly, including any that you didn’t update.

An image title directly off your camera will be something like DSC_040 or IMG_34.

A stockphoto might be istockphoto234879.

Neither title is Pinterest ready.

Retitle each image with the 1) title or your post or 2) description of the image using SEO-friendly language.

Your new image title could be something like 3 Steps to Making Homemade Ice Cream. Whatever the title is, make sure it captures the content of the photograph or blog post.

My original image was titled “5-finger-test-345×143”.

My new image is titled “just right reading level” but I have my pin it button set up to pin the title of the post.

So, Update and Pin

You can get new life out of your old posts — a fantastic option for when you need a blogging break over the summer. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing anyway.

Set a Realistic Goal

Don’t try to update all your old blog posts at once. That would take forever. Instead, set a realistic goal of doing 2 or 3 a week.

Do you have a similar blog update success story like mine? 

Go you!!