How to Make Your Videos POP on Pinterest

make your videos POP on Pinterest
Posting a video on Pinterest works about as well as posting a selfie of your elbow.

It doesn’t.

The big reason videos don’t do well on Pinterest they’re horizontal. Sure it’s great for a computer or TV screen but not so much for the columns of Pinterest.

So how do you make your videos stand out?

Compare Video vs. Static Image

I did a test with a client of mine, Hip2Save, about 6 months ago. (Keep in mind that this was when they had under 1,000 followers.)

First, I pinned the video. It got a total of 5 repins.

Portable Mason Jars video

Then, I had a member of my team take screen shots of the video, and make a static 3 image collage with a title. It did much better with 18 repins.

portable mason jars static image

The static image collage works better because it’s vertical and thus, more eye-catching. Because Hip2Save has a ton of videos, it was essential for us to determine the best way to share these on Pinterest. Once we knew which to use, we could get the most repins and page views.

Make Your Own

You can easily create your own static collage for your videos.

1. Take screen shots. (I use SnagIt.)

2. Then create a photo collage with PicMonkey, Canva, or Photoshop Elements. Make sure you add a title with branding on the top or bottom.

You don’t get the playable video but you will get more exposure with greater repins.

That’s worth it, don’t you think?

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  • Krishna De

    What a terrific idea Melissa – I think pinning both is an approach I would take – one to a board where you are curating videos and one to perhaps a board where you are sharing other information.

    I might also redirect the image back to the video on Pinterest if I want to enable people to stay on Pinterest to watch it.

    The approach is definitely worth testing. Thanks for sharing this creative idea.

    • Melissa Taylor

      great ideas to link to the other video on Pinterest and to pin both – thanks!

  • ColleenwithJustPaintIt

    If I’m pinning from my YouTube channel, do I need to upload the collage in order to pin? I mean, how do I pin the collage with the YT url?

    • Melissa Taylor

      Go back to the pin and hover over it, click “edit”, then paste in the URL you want. (The YouTube URL.)

  • Margarita

    Melissa, What a creative suggestion. I’m going to do it with Photoshop.
    Thank you!