11 Design Elements for Pinnable Quotes

11 Design Elements for Pinnable Quotes
Quotes inspire pinners to repin – but only if the quote is beautifully designed. So here are 11 design elements to consider when creating a quote image.

(For layman’s purposes, I’m using the word “font” for what graphic artists would correctly call “type.”)

11 Design Elements for Quotes

1. Readable
Remember that your pins will be small and in Pinterest columns. Don’t try to add too much. Make sure they’re readable.
readable 2

2. Font Size Change
Small to big contrast emphasizes important words and phrases. 

3. Font Type Change
Experiment with a font style change to emphasize certain words. 
font change

4. Font Color Change
Pop out important words or phrases with a different font color.
font color change

5. Photo Background
This is tricky because this can be hard to read. Make sure your text is readable.
photo background 1

6. Solid Background
If you have a dark background, use light colored font; a light background, use a dark colored font.
solid background 2

7. Bokeh Background
Out of focus, or bokeh, is hot this year. You can find these images by searching the key word “bokeh.”
bokeh background 1

8. Photograph of the Quote on Paper
photo of quote 1

9. Lines and Embellishments
lines and embellishments

10. Artwork

11. Image with White Space (this doesn’t have to be white, just solid)
image with white space

Now that you’ve seen examples of these gorgeous quote images, let’s contrast that examples that don’t work.

3 Common Design Mistakes

1. Difficult to read – because of font style choice

2. Difficult to read – because of a background choice

3. Difficult to read – because of the font size is too small
font small

Finally, be sure to include your website or logo on your image and that the quote is attributed to the correct person.

Can’t wait to see what you make!

Leave your best quote pin linked in the comments below.