Blend In or Stand Out? How to Find Pinnable Images for Business Topics

How to Find Eye Catching Images for Business Blog Posts
It’s hard to find a pinnable image that isn’t over-used and cliche for business topics like speaking, marketing, sales, and training. Even for my Pinterest topics, finding images is challenging.

So, I’ll tell you my 7 secret steps for finding pinnable images that aren’t cliche:

1. Go to your stock images site (I use and click on “What’s New.


You’ll find a lot of random photos. Sort by size since vertical images are best for Pinterest.

What's New on Big Stock Photos

2. You’re looking for something eye-catching that can loosely tie in with your topic.
Example: NCLD’s Section 504 and IDEA comparisons
504 and IEPs

Even a colored background can work.
Example: Rebekah Radice’s SEO Strategies
social media Rebekah Radice

Also, I suggest finding images that have white space for a title and logo or watermark.

3. Alternatively, you can search for a metaphor that works with your topic.
Example: Peg Fitzpatrick’s army metaphor
seriously boost your pinterest strategy pin by Peg Fitzpatrick

4. Another trick is to search for key words that relate, not to your topic, but to your audience. For example, search for the feeling you want your audience to feel when reading your information. Search for words like: inspiration, confident, unique, or elegance.
Example: 5 Elements of a Powerful Personal Brand by Michael Hyatt (Key word: unique)
5 elements of a personal brand

5. Finally, you can search for style of photograph with key words like: cartoon, lens flare, black and white, or retro.
Example: LEGO figure
video games pin

Remember — don’t use a microphone for a speaker, or a money symbol for sales. That’s cliche. You want to be different. Better.

6. When you find one you think might work, save it to your favorites (or Lightbox if you use iStockPhoto.) Scan over your saved images and select the best one.

7. Then, edit to make a pinnable image!

marketing tips for Pinterest


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  • Terri Blumatte

    I thought that the blog was very interesting. I work for a college and I need to create pins and fb posts to bring students in to my programs, so I read marketing blogs to give me ideas that will attract the students’ attention. Thank you, for helping me to “Stand Out”.

    • Melissa Taylor

      glad it helped!