Are You Making a Splash on Pinterest? Here’s How You Can Tell . . .

Using Google Analytics for Pinterest Strategies
For businesses and entrepreneurs, Pinterest is not just about getting repins and followers. You need to be converting those followers into 1) website traffic, 2) email subscribers and 3) purchases.

So, don’t forget to check where your website traffic is originating.

Google Analytics can help.

1. Go go Google Analytics. (Sign up if you haven’t already.)

2. On the left sidebar, click on Acquisition. (This section used to be called “Traffic Sources.”)

What sites are your top referrers?

Be sure you’re dates at the top are the month you’re trying to track. You’ll want to compare your performance to previous months to see improvement or decline.

Using Google Analytics to Inform Your Strategies

3. Now that you’re in Acquisition, click on All Referrals. Find and click on that for the specific pins that sent you traffic.

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Strategies

4. You should see a screen like this with the top traffic pins for the month.

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Strategies

5. Click on each pin and take notes on the following . . .

What pins sent you the most traffic?

CONTENT (what topic?)
PIN IMAGES (pin characteristics?)
BOARDS (where were these originally pinned?)

6. Use these notes to inform your getting-traffic-to-your-website strategy for next month.

CONTENT (what other blog posts can you write and promote in these same topics?)
PIN IMAGES (how can you continue to make pins with these same characteristics?)
BOARDS (what boards should you always pin to?)

I want you to keep improving. The best way you can do this is to be informed and strategic.


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  • Carol

    Thanks for sharing Melissa. Pinterest is number 1 for referring traffic to my website and the number 1 post related to offering petite style tips which is what my blog is all about 🙂

    • Melissa Taylor

      that’s fantastic — keep up the great work, Carol!

  • Tina Gleisner

    Getting traffic from Pinterest but mostly they bounce so I’m thinking people coming from Pinterest are looking for similar photos, and not information about the photos?

    • Melissa Taylor

      Hmm – I just popped over to your blog to take a look. If you think they want related information / content, you could add a widget that would show related content from your blog at the bottom of each post.

      Are your pins matching up to what they are clicking through? In other words, are the photos exactly the same?

  • Melissa D

    This was a great read! I followed your steps and came up with quite a few blog post ideas. 🙂

  • Madeline

    Hello Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing. This is exactly what I was looking for to figure out what I need to change on my strategy for next month. Thank you


    • Melissa Taylor

      can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  • Debs

    The amount of time that I spend trying to remember how to access the right parts in GA is crazy! I needed this step by step again to find all my sources. Pinterest has been my number 1 referrer for a long time now and I enjoy finding out which specific pins and boards are driving them there.
    Thank you for your steps and your tips as well.

  • James Cook

    Pinterest has been a huge source of traffic to our fashion and jewelry website it is a great way of showing off beautiful products.

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