How to Make Eye-Catching Pins

How to Make Beautiful, Eye-Catching Pins
Are your pins beautiful and eye-catching? Because if they aren’t, they won’t get repinned. And they certainly won’t get converted into traffic to your site. Here are five ways to make your pins more eye-catching.

1. For the love of bacon, make your pins VERTICAL.

Why? Because Pinterest’s format is columns. That means your width is limited but your height is not. Vertical looks better on Pinterest. See for yourself:
Vertical Pins Look Better

2. Be sure your text, if you have any, is SIMPLE and tidy.

Simple text is best

Need I say more?

3. Please, please, please learn how to lighten your photos!

In PicMonkey, editing for lighting is easy. In the basic edits section, click on “Exposure” and lighten your image there.
edit for lighting

Learn to edit for lighting

4. If you insist on doing a collage, make them pretty.

There’s no beauty in cramming in all your very important images into a collage. It looks like crap. Don’t do it.

Be careful with collages

5. If your own photos stink, invest in stock photos.

Great pins should be “aaah”-inspiringly beautiful photos and photos that evoke emotion. Take a photography class. Buy stock photos or find free photos and credit the photographer. Just don’t use ugly images. They won’t get the results you want.

Buy stock photos if you can't shoot your own photos

And, it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anway, you ALWAYS need to have killer content.

How do your pins stack up?

Are you making eye-catching pins?