10 Strategies to Get More Followers on Pinterest

10 strategies to get more followers on Pinterest
My clients are itching to grow faster on Pinterest. Maybe you are, too. But how do you get more followers?

There are more pinners than ever, making it harder than ever to get noticed. So you need to be strategic. Here’s what you can do this next month to increase your followers.

1) Pinterest Contest

No longer can you do a Pinterest contest where a follow, pin, or board is a required entry. IF you want to include Pinterest, the entry must be optional.

Here’s an example of a follow entry that was required — before the rules changed. You can still do this as long as the entry is optional and you have a different required entry. (Like a comment.)
pinterest follow contest

2) Comment on Pins from Influential Pinners

This used to be one of my favorite ways to get noticed and find new followers. It’s not a sure thing anymore but still worth trying. Experiment. Comment on 3-4 pins a day for a week and see what happens to your numbers.

3) Use Key Words

Have you researched the key words for your blog or business? (You should!) You can also use these same words on Pinterest!

4) Cross Promote on Facebook and Google +

Mention a favorite pin every day so readers can go to the pin and repin it as well as follow you. Be sure you include this call to action when you post.
pin of the day

5) Embed a Pinterest Board or Your Profile in Your Blog Posts

If you scroll to the bottom of this post on Let’s Lasso the Moon, you’ll see that she’s embedded a Pinterest board.

This post on Better Homes and Gardens shows that they’ve embedded their whole Pinterest profile.
embed a Pinterest board or profile

6) Crowd Source a Board

Ask fans to send you photos of themselves using your product and pin to a dedicated board.

7) Make New Niche Boards

Do you have all the current seasonal niche boards? Valentine’s Day, Spring Fashion, Winter Weddings?
seasonal niche board

8) Post About Pinterest

Offer helpful Pinterest tips or try self- mockery with your own Pinterest fails.

9) Collaborative Boards

Be on the look out for collaborative boards you can join or create. You want boards that fit for your content AND that have a large following.

When you approach the board owner (first profile of board members) be cool. What are you going to do for him or her? Are you a big fan? Are you able to reciprocate? Promote her pins? Contribute to the well-being of peace and harmony in the world? Don’t be greedy or demanding or you won’t get an invite!
education collaborative board

10) Get Rich Pins

Nothing makes you look legit like Rich Pins. These give your pins the extra title and logo. See more on my post about how to easily get Rich Pins here.
rich pins

Pick one or two to try this week. Track your progress. Then add something else.

Don’t be discouraged. I know it’s hard but you can do this!

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  • http://www.pinterest.com/growingbbb Jodie @ Growing Book by Book

    Great advice as usual! I found a few things I wasn’t doing and need to start doing. Thanks so much!

    • http://pinterest-savvy.net Melissa Taylor

      sure, Jodie – let me know how it goes!

  • James

    Really enjoying Pinterest Savvy site

    • http://pinterest-savvy.net Melissa Taylor

      thank you!

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  • http://www.thegiftsguy.com www.thegiftsguy.com

    Thanks for the very useful tips. We just started our board and will use the tips. https://www.pinterest.com/shawnm311/new-and-awesome-products/



  • http://www.passportcouture.com/ Passport Couture

    I’ve found that commenting on others’ pins is very helpful. It seems to be a great way for more people to notice you and have the desire to learn more about you. I hadn’t seen Collaborative or Embedded boards, I’ll definitely have to check into those!