How Etsy Entrepreneurs Can Optimize Images on Pinterest

Strategies for Etsy entrepreneurs on Pinterest
If you’re on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest is the perfect marketing platform for you. Your customers are there and they’re spending money. But are you pinning the BEST images to showcase your products?

You want to pin vertical images because they look better on Pinterest. Look at this side by side comparison:

Which pin looks better

Clearly the vertical image showcases the pillow best.

Here are two strategies to use vertical images:

1. Pin a different image and link to Etsy

Pin a vertical image that isn’t on your Etsy page.

To upload an image, click on the plus sign near your profile photo. Select upload a pin.
Upload a different image

Once the photo is uploaded, go to your pins. Hover over that same pin and select the edit pencil. In edit, insert the correct URL (link) in the blank space and save.
edit the url

example:  Here’s a beautiful vertical image of a mobile that links to an Etsy page with a different image.
beautiful vertical image for wooden mobile

Notice the linked Etsy page:
different image on Etsy page

Smart Pinterest marketing!

2. Pin goes to a blog post about product

Another strategy is to write a blog post which includes a vertical image of your product. Then, pin the image from your blog post. (Of course, your blog post must link to Etsy.)

example: This pin goes to a blog post featuring a product for sale on Etsy.
(Don’t have a blog? This is a good reason to start one!)
Scrabble Pillow pin

The pin links to a blog post with a similar image:
blog post featuring Etsy item

The blog post images link to the Etsy sales page for the dirtastudio scrabble pillows.
scrabble pillows Etsy page

Great marketing with a fantastic pin.

What techniques have you use that work well for Etsy entrepreneurs?