Using Content that Works to Get Repins and Followers – QUOTES

Opportunity lies in difficulties
Just like a comic knows which jokes will get a laugh every time, you can be sure to attract new followers on Pinterest, and more repins with certain content.

Of course, you need to know what content your audience loves, too.

Do you know your audience well enough to understand their view of the world? what they think is funny? tragic? challenging?

Going for a cheap laugh is an analogy for using content that always works.

Popular Content that Works on Pinterest

People LOVE inspirational quotes. Probably your audience does, too.

If you don’t believe me, put up a quote on your FB page and watch what happens.

So, make a series of pins with only quotes. Link those pins to your Pinterest profile OR your website. See how this strategy can increase your traction on Pinterest.

1. Collect quotes you think are sure winners (cheap laughs, remember?) with your audience. Consider topic, theme, and season. (I save these in Evernote.)
Evernote Quotes

2. Study other quote pins on Pinterest and Tumblr.

Tumblr Quote

3. Make an eye-catching quote pin.
eye catching pin

4. Upload to Pinterest.
upload a pin

5. Edit the pin’s URL to be your Pinterest profile or your webpage.
edit the url

6. Try this at different times of the day to see what times are most popular.

7. Watch your repins, followers, and analytics. What do you notice? How are your followers responding?

8. Brainstorm what else your readers will always repin. (Cheap laughs!) Can you make that content into beautiful, eye-catching pins?


You’re adding value to someone’s life. Your quotes can encourage and inspire, that’s why they’ll be popular!

Are you going to try?

Let me know how it goes!!


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  • Denise @ Go Cheap or Go Home

    This is so cool! Definitely going to try it out, which means listening out for more quotes toO! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Melissa Taylor

      don’t you love quotes!?

  • Sarah

    Ooh – great idea. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Melissa Taylor


  • byron

    i have about 1500 quotes in a sprreadsheet to draw on as a speaker AND i recently have put almost 100 into PowerPoint slides playing with fonts and images (that i can save as jpegs) as an exersise to learn about designing better slides. I only knew of pinterst a little so i am soooooo excited to have found this information!!!