Pinterest Marketing for Writers

Pinterest Marketing for WritersWriters, Pinterest is one of the best (free) marketing tools for connecting with new readers, increasing your book sales, and branding your name.

If you’re an author you already know about storytelling. But, marketing might be a bit more challenging for you. It is for a lot of us!

So, switch words. Think of marketing as storytelling. Now let’s talk.

Storytelling Not Marketing

With Pinterest, you tell stories visually. You can do it with words, and I bet you can do it with images, too.

What is Your Story?

  • Who you are — your core beliefs.
  • What you like — your interests.
  • What books (or articles) you write.

Who Are You Serving?

You’re writing for an audience, correct? Think about who this audience is.

I have a worksheet you can print out for this if you scroll down.

Translation to Pinterest Boards

Now, use the answers to the above questions to create interesting Pinterest boards that capture the essence of you (sounds like a new perfume!) and attract and empower your readers.

Want an example?

I am an entrepreneur who writes, with kids, loves to read, hates to cook, loves coffee, . . . I could go on and on . . .

TRANSLATION to Pinterest –>

–> Board Topics
Entrepreneur, Small Business, Writing Advice and Tips, Summer Kid Activities, Books I Recommend, Coffee Art, Bookshelves, Children’s Books,  . . .

My audience for Pinterest Savvy is the solopreneur, entrepreneur such as authors, Etsy artists, and service or product businesses.

TRANSLATION to Pinterest –>

–> Board Topics
Marketing for Authors, Etsy Artists, Etsy for Kids, Author Platform, Business Tips, Social Media, Pinterest Tips, . . . and so on and so forth . . .

* REMEMBER to make your Pinterest boards as niche as possible

Ready to try?

Print this out this worksheet to work through your own story and it’s Pinterest translation.

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You can totally do this — just remember, you’re telling a story!


Don’t worry about marketing. Stories. That’s it. On Pinterest. Go you!