How to Get Rich Pins for Pinterest in 5 Minutes or Less

I’ve been procrastinating getting the new rich pins for my Pinterest profile. I didn’t want to deal with the coding. BUT I found an easy-peasy way to get rich pins — without any coding!! Here’s how.

Rich pins in 5 minutes or less!

(*Rich Pins = bigger image, bolded title, author credit . . . )

Steps to Install and Validate Rich Pins

1) Get Yoast’s SEO plugin.

2) Take tour so you know how to find the “social” tab for this plugin.yoast seo screen shot

3) In the social tab, check “Add Open Graph meta data” at the top of the page. (If it’s not already.)

4) Go to the Pinterest developer page to verify.

5) Enter valid blog post url.
Rich pins validator

6) Pinterest will tell you that you’ve been validated and to apply. Then they will review your application and send you your final approval.

See how easy?

I know!

You’re welcome. 🙂

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  • Kim Snyder

    I have a woocommerces shopping cart website using WordPress. My question is, will this work with that? Or is this only for blogs?
    I have a blog and will try this, I do have been delaying doing it because it looks hard to setup, coding is not my thing either.. 😉

    • Melissa Taylor

      yes, I think so – my other blog has a WooCommerce cart and it seems to work fine.

    • Carly

      Quick FYI –

      Yoast’s SEO plugin is the ONLY one I’d use with WooCommerce, he works very closely with their team. I do SEO on my client’s site with WooCommerce & Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and I confirm they work well together:

      For those looking for advanced functionality, Yoast EVEN OFFERS A PREMIUM Woocommerce SEO plugin 🙂

      • Melissa Taylor

        thanks, Carly!

  • Carrie

    Hi Melissa, I am such a newbie, I don’t know what a rich pin is! Can you define it for me? Thanks! Carrie

    • Melissa Taylor

      it’s a pin with more details than the usual pin — bigger image, a title and author credit.

  • Adrianne Meldrum

    I am not sure how rich pins would help me, but I did find this link Carrie to help me define it.

    I did see a pin that I had pinned a super long time ago of a chair and this week I got a notification from Pinterest that it was on sale. I am assuming that Rich Pins is responsible for this?

    • Melissa Taylor


    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks, Adrianne!

  • Denise Tonin


    You save my life! lol As you , I was so lazy to study the codes. Thank you so much! 🙂 greetings from Brazil

    • Melissa Taylor

      🙂 Hooray for easy solutions!!

    • Melissa Taylor


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  • Heidi

    Hi Melissa!

    Quick question for you…once I hit apply on the Pinterest Rich Pins Validator, do I need to do anything in Yoast?


    • Melissa Taylor

      not that I know of. . . 🙂

  • Lyn

    This was an enormous help! Thank you!

  • Alisha @ The Savvy Bump

    You are my favorite person today! =) Thanks so much, that was crazy easy.

  • Dayna@

    Thank you so much. I am new to blogging and this tutorial was extremely helpful!

  • Cassie @

    I wish they have an easy thing like that for my website side of things!

  • Sarah Mueller

    It took me 3 minutes to find the OpenGraph option (I don’t use Yoast, but it’s in my Social Sharing Toolkit) and 30 seconds to do the rest. Thank you so much!

    • Melissa Taylor

      you’re welcome!

  • Alex

    I followed all the steps, but once I hit “Validate”, I get the spinning circle for a moment or two and then just a grey page. I tried in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer with the same results. Any idea what could cause that?

    • Nicole Burkholder

      Me, too! Wondering if it’s Pinterest? I really want this!

    • Melissa Taylor

      This happened to me also. I tried a different link (URL) and it worked. See if that does the trick for you, too.

  • Emily (B. Lovely Events)

    Oh my goodness you are seriously a life savor. As soon as I read the web devloper’s open graphs meta data my eyes crossed and I had NO idea how to do that on each and every page. Thank goodness for Yoast SEO and you!

    • Melissa Taylor

      glad to help!

  • Nicole Burkholder

    I could NOT get the Pinterest validation to load (circles and then a gray page of nothingness) but when I went directly to their site and clicked through to the validation page, it brought it up for me. Finally. They can be so glitchy sometimes! THANK YOU for showing me how easy this was! I’ve been avoiding it because of all the crazy coding required 🙂

    • Melissa Taylor

      try a different url example and see if that will work. Or give it a day.

  • gig2112

    Is using Rich pins free?

    • Melissa Taylor

      yes, it is.

  • julie (etsy stalkers)

    You kind of rule!!! Thank you so much!

  • Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen

    Thank you for this. I have been trying to figure this out for forever!

  • Holly

    Hi! Thanks for the tip! Quick question, do you have to have a WordPress blog in order to do this? My blog is through blogger. Thanks!

    • Melissa Taylor

      for this plugin, yes.

  • Melissa K. Norris

    Am I correct that I need to do this for every individual pin?

    • Melissa Taylor

      no – just one link.

      • Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings

        Hi, Melissa, thanks for this great tutorial. I did this for one post on my blog, but does one rich pin = all pins will become rich? If so, it hasn’t happened in the last 12 hours so I wonder if I’m missing something… Does it mean only all future pins? Thanks so much for any advice!!!! <3

        • Melissa Taylor

          it should make all your pins rich pins – past and future.

  • Amy @ Eat Pray Workout


    Thanks for the great article. Do I have to do this for each article I write or will it automatically pick up all pinned articles from my blog?

    • Melissa Taylor

      just do it for one article and once you’re approved, it will pick up all your posts!

      • Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings

        Okay, I just saw this, so I will wait and see if it’s approved!! Thank you!!!!

  • Carrie This Home

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Melissa Taylor

      you’re welcome, Carrie!

  • Sherry Smothermon-Short

    Do I have to submit each post that I want to have the rich pin information?


    • Melissa Taylor

      No – thank heavens! Just one.

  • Tammy Doiel

    Thanks so much! I was worried I didn’t have yoast and some plugins messed up my site–but I had it! Woo-hoo!

    • Melissa Taylor

      great news!!

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  • Jennifer Wagner

    I don’t know how this works without having to do all that meta data work, but thanks so much for this!!

    • Melissa Taylor


  • Sandra

    Thanks for this, I had no idea what it was. Very helpful!
    The Adored Home

    • Melissa Taylor


  • kelli @ eatprayreadlove

    Hi Melissa, thanks so much!
    How long does it typically take Pinterest to approve the rich pins?
    Will they notify via email or your Pinterest account?
    Again, thank you!!
    xoxo Kelli

    • Melissa Taylor

      I got approved for one blog in 2 days and another blog 1 month after I entered my information for a 2nd time . . . So, it depends. Good luck!!

      • joann chambers

        I seem to be just waiting for this approval thingy. So I want to gradually post all my items in my cart. Should I wait for my approval to start doing this or wait until I get approved for my main domain? If I post now, before the approval, will all the previous pins I added show the rich data automatically after that.

        Just a note for others not using blogs – I have a shopping cart via Volusion and apparently they automatically add the rich pin data in the cart so I didn’t have to do anything. So it is possible that some of the CMS are already adding in some of this needed coding for Pinterest as well as Google.

        • Melissa Taylor

          yes, it will update all your old pins!

          I’m not sure about the technical part of your question, sorry.

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  • Glamamom

    Good stuff. Thank you!

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  • Jennifer

    Do you know if the plugin can be removed once the site has been validated by Pinterest? It’s conflicting with another SEO plugin, and I’d love to remove it now that validation is complete.

    • Melissa Taylor

      Good question — I don’t know. Could you remove it and see what happens?

    • joann chambers

      I doubt it because removing Yoast will take out all the coding it adds into the post.

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  • Kim

    Melissa have you found out a way for people on Blogger to install print rich pins?

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  • Blair @ The Seasoned Mom

    Thanks so much! I’ve been wondering how to do this!!

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  • Mukesh Negi

    Great post Melissa Taylor i’m doing same thing for last couple of days but can’t do after reading your post i did. thanks for sharing.

  • Gina H

    I kept reading and reading how to install the rich pins on the pinterest it became so overwhelming especially seeing all of their code, so I googled it instead. I’m so glad I found your post — your post really made it simple, especially since I was already using yoast. Thank you for the great post you literally save me for hours of confusion! =)

    • Melissa Taylor

      yeah! 🙂

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  • Caroline Hurley

    Oh wow…I could hug you! I wish I found this earlier, though! I am embarrassed to tell you how long I tried to do this myself without a plugin. Obviously…I never figured it out! This could not have been easier…just waiting on Pinterest to approve. Another added plus was adding Yoast’s SEO plugin…I used it yesterday when putting together a post…still figuring it out…but really like it! Thanks so much!

    • Melissa Taylor

      yay – happy to help! xx

  • Rachel

    I’m curious about how long it takes to get approved. It’s been a few days and I’m hoping I did everything correctly. (I’m assuming I did since my link was validated.)

    • Caroline

      I’m still waiting too, Rachel. I wondered the same thing.

    • Melissa Taylor

      it can take up to a month – but for one blog I had to apply a 2nd time and then it was only a few days.

  • Jessica Althoff

    Hi Melissa,

    Do you know if I get verified by Pinterest, will it retroactively apply to products that I have already added to my site or just new ones?



    • Melissa Taylor

      yes – it will. Good news!

  • ARod

    thanks so much for sharing this was so helpful and easy

  • Danielle

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For some reason Pinterest decided to make their instructions so incredibly confusing, I felt my head about to explode. This took me less than 2 minutes. Such a helpful tutorial! THANKS!

  • Rebecca

    So…. WordPress website. NOT a blog. Sell products. THIS DOESNT WORK.

    It would be nice if you posted on your article title “this is for ARTICLE RICH PINS NOT PRODUCT RICH PINS”.

    You know how HARD it is to figure out how to do product rich pins? It is crazy. Every blog article like this one tells me how to do it for articles.

    But I cannot figure out how to get the meta data into the Yoast plugin header. The open graph box is checked in the social media area. And then I go to a product page to verify and nope…. missing information. WHAT information am I missing? WHERE do I find that information?

    VERY Frustrating.

    • Melissa Taylor

      really? I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work for products. I’m sorry to hear that!

    • Rebecca Reid

      Rebecca, I’m also trying to install rich pins for products on my site. While the Yoast plugin apparently only works for the article ones (it defaults to naming the pin “an article” and Pinterest rejected it since it obviously looked like a product), there are other plugins that ask you what type of post (movie rich pin, product rich pin, recipe rich pin, etc). The one I installed was ABG Rich Pins. I’m still waiting to be approved by Pinterest but I’m very hopeful! I hope that helps you too!

      • Melissa Taylor

        thanks for sharing this!

  • Stacey

    I am eternally greatfull !! Thank you, I have been trying to figure out how to do this for awhile and had given up. I already had the Yoast plugin and it was easy. I don’t why the pinterest directions were confusing for me. Great site and information you have here !
    ~ Stacey 🙂

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  • Georgia Reed

    Thank you! Totally pinned this! I was going crazy making this so hard and even using another tutorial but this was WAY easier. Well done! I’ve pinned your rich pin!;)

  • Brittany Bullen

    I love your blog, Melissa, and it’s obvious you have some great wisdom to share. I found you because I couldn’t figure this out from Pinterest’s website and I had no idea it was this easy, so THANK YOU!!

    I’ll make sure to subscribe!

    • Melissa Taylor

      glad to help!

  • Sarah E. White

    I didn’t actually believe it could be that easy! Thanks so much for realizing it was. And sharing with the rest of us. 😉

  • Chirnese

    OMG… I was so worried that I was going to have to go thru this difficult coding process…. you saved me!

  • Emma Smith

    I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you for your fab post on getting rich pins. I have been putting it off for so long because I was terrified but today I finally got a favicon added to my site and then went searching on how to do the rich pins. I read through loads of articles that just made me want to cry and may as well have been written in Chinese for all that I understood. Then I found yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

  • Anna Coss

    Looking at the Rich Pins description on Pinterest I am unclear…do you have to do this process with EVERY Pin you want to be validated? Or will it now validate every Pin from that site moving forward?

  • Save to Splurge

    Whoa! Thank you so much! I was putting it off for the whole coding reason, too. Can’t believe this was such a breeze!

  • Half-Lit Tv

    You don’t have to apply for each pin do you? I just applied for rich pins after I validated one of my posts, but wonder if that approval will be site wide?

    • Regina Sayles

      Did you ever get a response on this?

  • Carmody Tisdale

    Do you have to do this process for each pin?

    • Regina Sayles

      You only have to do it once.

  • Allyson @ All Our Days

    I don’t know much about rich pins. Do I do this for all my posts?

    • Regina Sayles

      You only need to validate one post and Pinterest will enable the rest.

  • Regina Sayles

    Great..will these steps need to be followed for every blog post?

  • Regina Sayles

    I discovered on the Pinterest Developers page that you only have to apply with one post from your site. Once approved, they will enable rich pins for the rest of your site.

  • Tim Rowley

    Good info, thanks

  • Nell Regan

    Thank you so much! That was helpful and super easy!

  • Zoraida Lemos

    Hello, I like your post and I wonder if I can translate into spanish and post it in my blog.?

  • Jen @ Faith and Fabric

    Question: If you chose the “sale” pins, does this automatically apply to ALL Your pins, or can you select which pins are article rich and which are sale rich?

  • Christie A., wedding lawyer

    Thank you! I was so intimidated by the code changing, etc. Looking forward to my rich pins!!

  • Renee

    woah that is so much easier. is there any ‘trick’ to which type of post i choose or will they always validate it?

  • Susan Fraser

    Thanks so much Melissa! This was SO easy!

  • Jobs for EveryJuan

    Awesome~ Thank you so much!!

  • Adrian G

    I am struggling with this. I have a Pinterest client who has approved Rich Pins and they are showing up on some of his boards, but not others. I’ve revalidated several times and it says they are good, but it won’t update it. I think the question we are struggling with is where in Yoast to put the Rich Pin data? There’s like 3 little places at the bottom where you can put info – one looks to be the post title, one seems to the URL, and the other one looks like it might be the Meta data, but I’m not sure where it goes. Can you share how you do yours?

  • Jennifer Pilgrim

    Thanks for the help! Pinned!

  • Bobby Bouchers

    Thank you thank you thank you. I killed two birds with one stone. I’ve also been putting off rich pins because of the coding, and my website needed some SEO love, so this blog post is the best. Truly is a five minute solution.

  • Bobby Bouchers

    Bought your book, as a thank YOU!!

  • PetQwerksTOYS

    This is very helpful! Thank you:)

  • meghan welch

    Thank you! I almost bought a freaking plugin! You rock 🙂

  • Brittany Thiessen

    I was searching for a simple way to do this and you totally delivered on this article! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • James

    I have authors box on my post but I can’t seem to get it off red in the validator. It says my pins are validated but the author part still shows red. Any ideas would be great 🙂

  • Javon

    Do you know if Yoast will work for recipe rich pins or only article rich pins? I tried this process and it totally worked. But the few recipe pins I have looked like articles instead of recipes. Any thoughts? Maybe Yoast doesn’t offer this.