6 Ways to Get Your Website Pinterest Ready

Is Your Website Pinnable?
Is your website pinnable? Because if it’s not Pinterest-optimized, you need to make some changes.

Starting today.

Because Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, the traffic from Pinterest converts to more sales than other social media networks, and it’s free marketing. FREE!

How to Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

1. Add Social Media Icons
Make sure your Pinterest profile is included with Twitter, Facebook, and your other social media channels.

Do you need a set of free graphics? There are a lot to choose from on Social-Icons.com.

2. Use Vertical Graphics
The photos and graphics that perform best on Pinterest are vertical. If  your blog template uses horizontal images, insert a vertical graphic somewhere in the blog post itself to be pinned.

Bad Pinterest Photo Example
(Sunflower Photo: a Pintrerest DON’T)

3. Choose Beautiful Photography
Since Pinterest is visual, be discerning. Select only beautiful images. Avoid canned stock photos. You can still use stock photos, just don’t buy the cheap ones everyone else is using. Be unique. And, please, for the love of design gods everywhere, do not clutter your image with text like in the sunflower example above! If you use text, be judicious. Be classy. Think beautiful. See image below.

Beautiful Photos for Pinterest
(Daisy Photo: a Pinterest DO)

4. Title Photos Properly
You may notice that your photographs are titled. IMG_245 or istock54897243 don’t translate well to Pinterest – or to SEO for that matter. Retitle your images with key words that describe them, “Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream” or “Best Tips for Marketing on Pinterest.”

(Click on your photo, edit, and retitle. Save.)

How to Correctly Title Photos for Pinterest

5. Install a Pinterest Button
Pinterest plugins abound so install one. If you haven’t, how are people going to pin your content? My favorite plugins are:

Pinterest Pin It for Images (a hover button – has some technical difficulties)

Shareaholic Sexy Buttons (for all social media sharing)

Pinterest Badge (on your sidebar, shows your follower #s and pins)

Pin It Button (a small button with # counter)

6. Track Your Analytics
Don’t forget to install analytics so you can track the traffic you get from Pinterest. You’ll want to be tracking where the traffic goes and how long they stay. Then, use this information to assess your conversion rates – and what you need to improve.

So, IS your website pinnable? What do you need to do?

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  • Amanda

    Great post!

  • http://www.ApronFreeCooking.com Noel

    Good advice. I think I’m good on all counts but the vertical photos. That’s my next challenge, change up my photos. Did a post this morning with verticals and I think I like them. grins.

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  • http://www.mbretitregut.com Adert

    I started reading your blog a month ago, and since then I have implemented some of your tips in some of my blogs.

  • staci

    How do you go about creating a website on Pinterest? I would like to create one for devoted to parents of young school age children. Can you help me?

    • http://pinterest-savvy.net Melissa Taylor

      you can’t make a webpage on Pinterest, sorry.